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Next Generation Contactless Payments Experience

Zwipe Pay is a single-silicon biometric payment card solution. It enables card manufacturers to deliver their own biometric payment cards, certify them with Visa and Mastercard, and successfully take them to market.
Zwipe Pay Components
IC Module

Single-silicon design for maximum reliability and energy efficiency. Biometric feature extraction and comparison happen in the most secure place: on the secure element (SE).

Fingerprint sensor

Zwipe Pay’s fingerprint sensor comes with a large active area of 9.5 x 9.5 mm2 for low biometric reject rates (false reject rate, FRR). It is delivered on 35 mm tape to enable high-yield, high-throughput volume production.


Zwipe Pay prelaminates are made from copper wire embedded into PVC to customer specifications (geometry, pitch).

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Why Choose Zwipe Pay?
Zwipe have achieved the following certifications:
  1. ISO 9001
  2. Mastercard CQM
  3. Mastercard Component Compliance Statement (CCS) for Zwipe Pay and Zwipe Pay v1.1
  4. Visa Letter of Approval (LoA) for Zwipe Pay and Zwipe Pay v1.1

We provide pre-filled CCF (Mastercard) and CCQ forms (Visa).
We have negotiated special rates with market leading certified laboratories to streamline card body approval (Mastercard Card Structural Integrity (CSI) and Visa Card Body Innovation Testing).

One-stop shop to enable you to manufacture, personalize, and deploy biometric payment cards

IC module and fingerprint sensor come on industry-standard 35 mm tape. Both components may be embedded into the card body after lamination and punching. Our card production guideline provides detailed instructions, including machine settings and test procedures.
We provide initialization and personalization guidelines and ready-to-use (pre-) personalization scripts.
Our mobile enrolment application is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. We also provide an SDK, for integration into the issuer’s existing mobile banking app.

Ready for high-volume production

We have qualified Zwipe Pay on market-leading high-throughput fully automated production equipment. Throughput exceeds 1,000 units per hour.

The Most Complete Portfolio of Enrollment Solutions
Mobile Enrollment

Our mobile enrollment application is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

We also provide an SDK, for integration into the issuer’s existing mobile banking app.

Mobile enrollment is popular with issuers because:

  1. It helps issuers meet sustainability goals (no single-use enrollment device!).
  2. It integrates with the bank’s digital strategy.
  3. The banking app provides proof-of-identity prior to biometric enrollment.
In-Branch Enrollment

Our in-branch enrollment solution is running on a tablet computer with an external reader connected to it. The UI is very similar to the Zwipe enrollment mobile app.

The card’s integrated fingerprint sensor is used for enrollment.

Off-the-shelf hardware may be adapted to local needs when cardholders visit branch

  • Enrollment kiosk in self-service area
  • Banking counter
  • Other
Enrollment Envelope

The enrollment envelope is a premium value-added packaging combined with enrollment function.

It automatically powers the card when the cardholder slides the envelope open.

Red and green LEDs provide a basic (but legible) UI.

Enrollment Sleeve

The enrollment sleeve is a simple, easy-to-use enrollment device.

It powers the card when the cardholder inserts it into the slid.

As on the envelope, red and green LEDs provide a basic UI to the cardholder.