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Next Generation Contactless Payments Experience

Zwipe Pay is an advanced technology platform providing a complete solution for card manufacturers to deliver their own biometric payment cards and successfully take them to market.

Zwipe Pay provides the technology platform for all key components of the biometric payment card. Our platform includes easy enrollment solutions covering all use cases for customer on-boarding. We also deliver end-to-end services to support card manufacturers and banks through all stages of commercialization, including pilots and market launches.

Biometric Secure Element (BioSE)

Our single-silicon BioSE ensures superior biometric performance and an excellent user experience.

Fingerprint sensor

The quality fingerprint area sensor comes mounted on 35 mm tape for efficient implanting into cards with mass production equipment.

Passive inlay

With no active components in the Zwipe Access inlay, our platform is ready for a quick ramp-up and high volume manufacturing.

Value proposition for Smart Card Manufacturers
Time to market

The Zwipe Pay platform has been designed to be easily manufactured by our customers (smart card manufacturers) in high volumes without major investment. We provide a full set of products and technical services to quickly respond to our customers' requests to deploy cards globally.

Improved efficiency

Zwipe Pay enables biometric payment cards at highly competitive unit costs and for large volumes.

Uplifted customer experience

Based on a deep understanding of the issuers’ and cardholders’ needs, our solution is designed to optimize the end-to-end customer experience. We deliver wide ranging value added services to smart card manufacturers, issuers and partners to help them successfully industrialize and commercialize biometric payment cards. Our services include user experience capture, campaign support, ROI (Return on Investment) calculations and much more to help the issuers.

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Benefits for consumers

Consumers have confirmed their strong interest in using biometric payment cards in multiple pilots and investigations.

  • Much faster PIN-free check-out experience
  • Strong security for contactless payments
  • Peace of mind in case the card is lost or stolen
  • Safer, touch-less and more hygienic
  • Seamless and global acceptance at all points of sale and in ATMs
Benefits for issuers

Global Banks and fintech issuers are increasingly recognizing biometric cards as a strong value driver for their business

  • Accelerated customer acquisition 
  • Stronger differentiation in payments portfolio – “top of wallet” effect 
  • Drive additional revenue streams with attractive ROIs 
  • Improved loyalty from existing customers
  • Deliver world-class user experience and security
Global delivery capability

We have established a strong global ecosystem to enable biometric payment cards with the Zwipe Pay platform. Our partner ecosystem comprises smart card manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, payment processors, third party personalization bureaus and program managers. This ensures seamless delivery and implementation support for issuers worldwide.

Issuer ROI Calculator

Zwipe has released an ROI calculator to help the banks and issuers understand the underlying business case of biometric cards with transparency and detail. The model is based on credible industry data from sources such as UK Finance (and similar sources in other key markets).


  • Can be tailored for each client's portfolio size, product mix, behaviours and beliefs
  • Show the depth of impact. E.g., spending, retention, fraud, and dispute costs
  • Enable our clients with supporting services, such as sales and marketing tools. The ROI calculator is an additional tool to increase the dialogue with issuers and help secure further pilots and roll outs


  • Models the P&L impact in real time. Comprehensive, detailed, flexible, with immediate feedback
  • Includes all revenues, costs and savings. Includes all costs from initial set up to buying and replacing cards, as well as revenue effects from spending and savings from reduced fraud and disputes
  • To fee or not to fee

There are many data points involved in understanding a typical Issuer’s P&L. Using credible market and industry data, the ROI calculator demonstrates exactly what the benefits are and how much of a contribution a conversion to biometrics can make for credit, debit and/or commercial cards. We can answer questions, such as - what potential impact could Zwipe Pay have on customer spending? How could it help reduce the costs associated with disputes?

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Zwipe Experience

With years of learnings from biometric payment projects across the world, The Zwipe Experience service has been designed to help issuers successfully navigate through all stages of bringing biometric payment cards to market. From piloting to roll-out of biometric payment cards, we deliver end-to-end services to banks, fintechs and financial institutions to ensure successful market launches of biometric payment cards.

The Zwipe Experience service offering is modular. As issuers have different needs and objectives when preparing to pilot and launch biometric payment cards, we have designed three service package levels to choose from.


We help ensure that cardholders fully understand biometric payment cards - their benefits and functionality. For issuers, we provide instructional videos in local languages, FAQs, content for pilot landing page and end users' feedback on the product.


In addition to all services in the “Inform module”, this service also helps our partners and issuers to get a comprehensive understanding of Return on Investments and financial benefits of biometric payment cards. We offer technical and sales training sessions for key executives for our partner organizations and issuers. We also execute multiple end user surveys to capture cardholders' detailed feedback on the product performance and user experience.


In addition to all services in the “Discover module”, this service also helps our partners and issuers with digital content and campaign support, workshops to explore new applications of biometrics beyond payments (e.g., Access Control cards, ID cards and webinars for partners and end customers.)

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