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Professional services for ensuring great market launches

With years of learnings from biometric payment projects across the world, The Zwipe Experience service has been designed to help issuers successfully navigate through all stages of bringing biometric payment cards to market. From piloting to roll-out of biometric payment cards, we deliver end-to-end services to banks, fintechs and financial institutions to ensure successful market launches of biometric payment cards.

The Zwipe Experience service offering is modular. As issuers have different needs and objectives when preparing to pilot and launch biometric payment cards, we have designed three service package levels to choose from.


We help ensure that cardholders fully understand biometric payment cards - their benefits and functionality. For issuers, we provide instructional videos in local languages, FAQs, content for pilot landing page and end users' feedback on the product.


In addition to all services in the “Inform module”, this service also helps our partners and issuers to get a comprehensive understanding of Return on Investments and financial benefits of biometric payment cards. We offer technical and sales training sessions for key executives for our partner organizations and issuers. We also execute multiple end user surveys to capture cardholders' detailed feedback on the product performance and user experience.


In addition to all services in the “Discover module”, this service also helps our partners and issuers with digital content and campaign support, workshops to explore new applications of biometrics beyond payments (e.g., Access Control cards, ID cards and webinars for partners and end customers.)

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