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Next Generation Access Control with Biometrics

Zwipe Access
Zwipe Access is a card-based fingerprint access control solution. Fingerprint capture, extraction, and comparison are performed within the Zwipe Access card. This means that the cardholder’s biometric data never leaves the card, providing increased data privacy to the cardholder.

Zwipe Access enables two-factor authentication with biometrics without the need of an additional fingerprint reader: the card verifies the cardholder identity, and the access control system verifies the card’s authenticity and integrity.


The product shares a platform with our payment product, called Zwipe Pay, which has undergone the performance, security, and durability testing mandated by payment schemes for the daily usage of payment cards.

Zwipe Access is a battery-less microcontroller card with a Java Card operating system that allows Java Card-based applications (applets) to be run securely within the platform. It comes in two flavors: HID Seos® and LEGIC Advant.

Zwipe Access HID Seos®
  • Supports multi-application within the HID Seos® filesystem: 8 kB application memory available for customers.
  • Logical Access with HID DigitalPersona.
  • Compatible with all Seos® readers.
  • Interoperability testing passed (performed by HID).
Download product datasheet
Zwipe Access LEGIC Advant
  • Support for multiple application (access, cash, transit) are achieved by separate application segments in same card. 4 KB of LEGIC application specific memory available.
  • Each application resides as separate application segments in LEGIC Advant Card​: Access rights managed in application level​. Readers will authorize to access application based on the access rights.
  • Managed using proprietary Master Token System Control (MTSC System).
  • Fingerprint verification is applicable for the entire LEGIC application segment.
Download product datasheet

Zwipe Access: Key Benefits

The card’s in-built fingerprint sensor captures the fingerprint image. Everything else then happens in the most secure place: feature extraction, storage of the biometric template, and biometric comparison are performed within the SecureElement (SE). This architecture assures the highest level of security and data privacy achievable in a biometric system.

The card’s Java Card / GlobalPlatform operating system supports multiple applications. Physical access, logical access, and other applications all benefit from the card’s in-built biometric cardholder verification function. This function is realized through a Global Platform service (in the same way as offline PIN verification).

Sharing a platform with a certified payment product brings scale, reliability, and security to the biometric access control card. No other platform has this advantage.

The readers do not need to be aware of the biometric cardholder verification: if the cardholder is not successfully verified, the card will not generate the credentials and the reader will not grant access. To the reader, the card will appear as any other card that has no access rights. Thus, you do not need to replace your existing readers to work with Zwipe Access cards.

Cards without batteries are more reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Any battery has a self-discharge. Thus, even if the energy required per use is low, the card will eventually cease to work, and sooner than you would like it to.

Two factor authentication may be a condition your corporate security, IT department, or auditor insist upon. Zwipe Access immediately provides a strong second authentication factor: fingerprint biometrics. You get this benefit without having to install and connect an additional biometric reader at each access point.