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A blackbelt in every seat. Are you one?

Working at Zwipe

Zwipe is a global team driving biometric innovations, making convenience safe and secure

From Colorado Springs to Singapore, from Oslo to Munich, from London to Beirut - our international team comprises industry leading experts in biometrics, smart cards, semiconductors and near-field communication, as well as in sales, marketing and operations, to bring next generation payment and access control solutions to market globally.

A passion for creativity and excellence with a “team first” approach

Our growing team is just that - a Team. We connect across multiple disciplines and collaboration has been key to our success and growth. We all strive to be black belts in our areas of expertise. The biometric authentication markets within payment and access control & ID are exciting and fast-growing environments. We have strong partners and supporters across the value chains and increasing activity and competition in this emerging space is helping to raise awareness, push innovation and create interest in Zwipe and the cool technology we bring to market.

Meet our employees
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