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Zwipe Open is a platform for a Biometric System-on-Card, based on GlobalPlatform and Java Card.

If you need to upgrade your current application with the additional security layer of biometrics, Zwipe Open is made for you.

We provide the following Development Package to you:
  • White, fingerprint sensor cards in GlobalPlatform lifecycle state OP_READY
  • On-card SDK and off-card SDKs with example applications
  • Biometric enrolment solutions, including mobile app enrolment for Android and iOS.
  • JavaDoc API documentation
  • Extensive documentation of the platform
  • 10 hours of support.
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Shared platform

Zwipe Open shares a platform with our Zwipe Pay and Zwipe Access products. It has thus the same robustness as its sister products, having undergone extensive Mastercard Card Quality Management (CQM) and Card Structural Integrity (CSI) testing as well as Visa Card Body Innovation testing.

Biometric Verification Testing

Likewise, independent, fully accredited labs have evaluated the card’s performance and security. These tests include evaluating the in-built biometric cardholder verification functionality: biometric false match rate (FMR) and false non-match rate (FNMR) as well as presentation attack detection (PAD) have all been verified by accredited labs.

Enhance Application Security

Thus, your application benefits from the card’s verified robustness, performance, and accuracy. Make use of the card’s in-built biometric cardholder verification functionality to add second factor authentication to your application

Possible applications include:
  • Transport and ticketing
  • Closed-loop payment systems
  • Domestic scheme payment systems (use Zwipe Pay for Visa and Mastercard)
  • Physical access control (use Zwipe Access for HID iClass® Seos ® and LEGIC Advant).
  • Logical access control
  • Age verification

Or anything else you can think of!
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