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Zwipe partners with Seriline to distribute Biometric Access Cards in the Nordic Region


Zwipe partners with Seriline to distribute Biometric Access Cards in the Nordic Region




Zwipe AS

OSLO, NORWAY and BROMMA, SWEDEN, June 18th , 2024 – Focusing on identity and access management, Seriline, a Sweden-based company, has signed a distribution agreement with Zwipe that pioneers next generation biometric cards for payment, physical & logical access control and identification solutions.

Seriline works towards creating confidentiality and integrity management of identities. Speaking on this partnership, Freddie Parrman, CEO of Seriline said, “Developing solutions for tomorrow is essential for us. We are happy to collaborate with Zwipe as biometric access control systems are shaping the future of business security across the globe. With its faultless data gathering, identification, and verification capabilities, biometric access control systems are crucial for providing security to countless industries and sectors worldwide.”

As per this partnership, Seriline has agreed to distribute Zwipe’s biometric access cards in the Nordic Region. When it comes to security, it is important that access control solutions identify the security gaps and address them. Here comes Zwipe Access cards that seamlessly integrate into a standard ID card cutting-edge secured authentication using biometrics.

According to Robert Puskaric, President and CEO of Zwipe, “Ensuring safety and security for ID and access solutions is vital today. We are convinced that  our partnership with Seriline will help us offer Zwipe Access cards to the Nordic Region, therefore providing increased security, with convenience and no rework of access control infrastrutures to operations seeking to upgrade their protection. .”

About Seriline
Seriline was founded in 1990 and is a Swedish-owned company with a focus on identity and access management. By combining the latest technology with many years of experience, Seriline offers proprietary software, online solutions, hardware and services that simplify the flow to creating user-friendly processes for confidentiality and integrity management for identities. An identity could for instance be, a person, a chip, a card, or a digital key - all of which require the same secure care, precision and security in their handling.
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About Zwipe
Zwipe believes the inherent uniqueness of every person is the key to a safer future. We work passionately across networks of international organizations, industries, and cultures to make convenience safe and secure. We pioneer next-generation biometric card technology for payment, physical and logical access control, as well as identification solutions. We promise our customers and partners deep insight and frictionless solutions, ensuring a seamless user experience with our innovative biometric products and services. Zwipe is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a global presence.
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