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Zwipe partners with Schneider Electric to provide biometric access cards solutions globally


Zwipe partners with Schneider Electric to provide biometric access cards solutions globally




Zwipe AS

OSLO, NORWAY and AND DOVER, MA - 9 October, 2023 – Zwipe, the global leader in biometric payment and access cards, has partnered with Schneider Electric's Security Solutions Group, specializing in the integration of access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other security technology sub-systems, to offer the revolutionary "biometric system-on-card" solution to Schneider Electric's global customer base. Schneider Electric's clientele spans diverse sectors, including airports, transportation, healthcare, data centers, critical infrastructure, manufacturing, government, and education.

Zwipe Access leverages cutting-edge biometric capture and matching technology to securely store the cardholder's encrypted fingerprint template directly within the card's smart chip during issuance. This integration seamlessly aligns with Schneider Electric's customers' needs, enabling them to swiftly, securely, and cost-effectively incorporate biometric verification into their existing security infrastructure. Zwipe's compatibility with virtually all access control manufacturers ensures effortless integration with Schneider Electric's Continum, Security Expert, and a wide array of other access control system providers.

With Zwipe Access, cardholders can easily verify their identity by presenting their personalized card to the reader. The battery-less card draws power from the reader's RF field, and the biometric verification triggers the access control system to grant or deny access. This secure process ensures that no biometric data is shared with anyone, thus simplifying compliance with data and privacy regulations. Zwipe Access cards offer rapid, convenient multi-factor authentication, eliminating the need to replace existing physical or logical access control readers.

Lee Guill, Director of Schneider Electric Security Solutions Group, emphasized, "Reducing risk for our customers by deploying solutions that only allow authorized individuals to enter their premises is at the core of Schneider Electric. Zwipe Access is the ideal fit to provide strong multifactor authentication through biometrics at a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies. We are confident in offering our customers this amazing card solution, which also addresses today's hygiene concerns, as only the card owner ever touches it, unlike biometric readers where multiple users touch the same devices daily."

Robert Puskaric, President and CEO of Zwipe, added, "The future of secure, convenient access control is here today with Zwipe Access. Our unique solution enables fast and clean biometric identity verification while eliminating the risks associated with lost or stolen access cards. We welcome this partnership with Schneider Electric and look forward to helping them put true multifactor biometric authentication in the hands of their customers."

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a French multinational company specializing in digital automation and energy management. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services.
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About Zwipe

Zwipe believes the inherent uniqueness of every person is the key to a safer future. We work passionately across networks of international organizations, industries, and cultures to make convenience safe and secure. We pioneer next-generation biometric card technology for payment, physical and logical access control, as well as identification solutions. We promise our customers and partners deep insight and frictionless solutions, ensuring a seamless user experience with our innovative biometric products and services. Zwipe is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a global presence.
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