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Zwipe partners with CardLogix to provide biometric access cards


Zwipe partners with CardLogix to provide biometric access cards




Zwipe AS

OSLO NORWAY and CALIFORNIA, USA – 28 March 2023 – CardLogix, a global supplier of smart cards for authentication, encryption, biometric and other card operating systems has partnered with biometric cards pioneer Zwipe as its technology partner in pursuing the global market opportunities for biometric access cards.

With the disruptive Zwipe Access platform, CardLogix will be able to deliver highly advanced and secure biometric card products that are also exceedingly user-friendly.

According to Sebastien Goulet, CEO of CardLogix, “We are excited about the opportunity that this innovative technology represents. The biometric solution provided by Zwipe combines breakthrough technologies and is the ideal platform for the next generation of highly secure access, ID cards and CardLogix biometric solutions.”

According to the partnership, CardLogix will provide secure loading of smart credentials for Zwipe’s BSoC access cards.

“We are happy that Zwipe is a part of this collaboration. What adds significance to this partnership is the value that CardLogix will deliver to our US customers and the availability for them of our leading-edge biometric access cards. We look forward to strengthening this relationship for supplying biometrics-enabled cards to our integration partners for access control solutions and their customers in airport, data center, critical infrastructure and other secure facilities across North America.” says Robert Puskaric, President and CEO of Zwipe.

About CardLogix

CardLogix, based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA, is a smart card & biometric solution provider, software developer, and the premier provider of smart card components with a comprehensive line of Software Development Kits (SDK), tools that enable swift card or biometric project development. Since 1998, CardLogix has supplied millions of cards and card components to over 84 countries around the world. As an expert in smart card and chip technology, card operating systems, card software, biometric enrollment, validation, verification, development tools, and middleware, CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card and biometric technology offering all types of solutions.

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About Zwipe

Zwipe believes the inherent uniqueness of every person is the key to a safer future. We work with great passion across networks of international organizations, industries and cultures to make convenience safe and secure. We are pioneering next-generation biometric card and wearables technology for payment and physical & logical access control and identification solutions. We promise our customers and partners deep insight and frictionless solutions, ensuring a seamless user experience with our innovative biometric products and services. Zwipe is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a global presence.

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