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Zwipe Pay: First biometric card platform with VISA and Mastercard approvals

Zwipe Pay: First biometric card platform with VISA and Mastercard approvals



the Zwipe Team

Megha Roy


Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, Zwipe

Zwipe Pay Platform has recently received the Component Conformity Statement (CCS) certificate from Mastercard. Speaking on this, Patrice Meilland, Zwipe's Chief Strategy and Product Officer, shares the company’s efforts behind this achievement and explains what the certificate means for Zwipe and its customers.


Excerpts from the interview…

Looking back, can you tell us about Zwipe’s journey that helped you receive the scheme approvals from both VISA and Mastercard?


This has been quite an exciting yet challenging journey for us at Zwipe. We have worked very hard to reach this point where we can proudly say today that Zwipe’s Pay is the first biometric card platform in the payment space that has received approvals from both VISA and Mastercard. 


Getting into this stage was not an easy job. Our teams’ expertise and dedication have led us to achieve a product platform that can not only comply with extensive and tough testing but also create reliable manufacturing processes that can guarantee a constant level of quality and performance from our customers - the smart card manufacturers (SCMs).

Patrice Meilland, Chief Strategy and Product Officer, Zwipe
What does this represent for Zwipe as a company?


Zwipe is trusted by leading technology and payment brands globally. Having these approvals confirm that the Zwipe Pay biometric payment card platform meets all the security, reliability, functionality, and performance standards required by both VISA and Mastercard. We are proud to say that Zwipe’s complete end-to-end biometric payment card platform is now ready for complete adoption by the SCMs.

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How will these approvals benefit card manufacturers?


These approvals enable Zwipe’s customers - the SCMs - to leverage Zwipe’s certification results so that they can obtain their own Letter of Approval (“LoA”) from VISA and/or Mastercard. Getting their LoAs mean that our customers are certified to build their biometric payment cards based on the Zwipe Pay platform. This in turn means that they will be able to produce and deliver the VISA and Mastercard biometric cards to issuers. 


Besides card manufacturers, how will such approvals benefit the value chain beyond your direct customers? 


With these approvals,issuers can now work with their card suppliers to develop and launch biometric payment cards based on Zwipe Pay. This will also help them leverage VISA’s and Mastercard’s global networks to deliver these cards globally. 


In addition, issuers can create a strong value driver for their businesses. With the help of biometric payment cards, they will have the opportunity to create stronger differentiation in payments portfolio, accelerate customer acquisition, drive additional revenue streams with attractive ROIs and deliver world-class user experience and security. Therefore, consumers can enjoy a PIN-free check-out experience with more convenient, safe and secure ways to pay. 

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Going forward, what are your upcoming plans?


In the coming months, we will be supporting our SCM customers so that they can smoothly receive their certifications. We will also focus on scaling up the manufacturing of biometric payment cards.

In addition, we will provide a high-level and best-in-class support to our customers and partners in the value chain that will help speed up the execution of issuer pilots and launches.

Lastly, we will be working towards expanding our customers and issuers pipeline in order to accelerate the adoption of biometric payment cards. 

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