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How to secure airport operations with biometrics?

How to secure airport operations with biometrics?

Application Stories


the Zwipe Team

Megha Roy


Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, Zwipe

To ensure aviation security, airport environments need to be safe and secure. It is crucial to restrict unauthorized access in the security restricted areas and provide airport authorities with world-class access control solutions. The application story below explains how Zwipe’s biometric access control solution seamlessly integrates with a variety of airport checkpoints to control, restrict and trace movements of airport staff effectively.  

Access control systems at airports require special security solutions. Such solutions prevent manipulations that could be dangerous to airport security, passengers, or general aviation safety. According to Christian Vaas, Vice President, ID solutions & Access Control at Zwipe, “Airport environments have become more and more complex for decades, where safety requirements have remained a major challenge. Post the tragic events of 9/11, airport security was significantly increased at airports worldwide. Here comes the growing importance of access control solutions as it secures sensitive areas in an airport.”


At the same time, there is an increasing demand for fast & efficient processes requiring a perfect synchronization of complex challenges. The provision of seamless security processes at airports have also become critical to ensure a cohesive airport security strategy.


“Keeping in mind the value of airport security, several popular airports are now in the process of deploying biometrics as an additional access control factor worldwide,” explains Christian.   

Not only airport operations, Zwipe's Access Control cards also ensure safety at data centers. To know more, read here.


The challenge: Providing robust solutions


To address the ever-shifting threats shaping the security landscape, it's vital that the right combination of people, processes and technology are deployed at airports, thus, revolutionizing the way airport operations are managed. Airports today need scalable and robust solutions that are fast, user-friendly and cost-effective. These solutions need to comply with privacy protection and must seamlessly integrate with existing systems. 


Some common challenges with airport security are:

- Monitor over-crowded airport environments
- Restrict unauthorized access to sensitive areas
- Fast processing of access control systems

The solution: Zwipe’s Biometric Access Card


Over the past few years, we have seen a progressive increase in security requirements to address new threats for airport authorities. This has mainly been in the field of passenger processing with biometric ID solutions. With this, there have also been remarkable changes for airport employees, airline staff and visitors' access control at airports. 

Today, biometrics is the top priority when it comes to the introduction of next-generation Airport ID cards and efficient access control solutions. Based on biometric data, Zwipe Access cards are non-duplicable, which eliminates the risk of stolen or borrowed access cards being used. 

Zwipe's Biometric Access Control card


Zwipe’s biometric system on cards introduces the following advantages:

·        Existing systems can be upgraded to use biometrics, meaning Zwipe Access can be integrated with the most common access control workflows and reader infrastructure

·        It deploys fast processing and seamless security with multi-factor authentication

·        Scanning and storage of biometric data is seamless and securely processed in the card

·        It provides data privacy and GDPR compliance support

Way forward


For airports such as Frankfurt, which ranks as Germany’s biggest workplace with over 81,000 employees, biometric access offers a way to manage the movement of workers efficiently. Fraport has opted to trial Zwipe’s biometric solutions to boost security at the Frankfurt airport.

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