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How to ensure safety for data centers with biometrics?

How to ensure safety for data centers with biometrics?

Application Stories


the Zwipe Team


The safety and security of a data center largely contributes to the continual service of a facility. Therefore, it becomes crucial for data centers to use robust security solutions that help guarantee integrity, confidentiality and availability of data hosted in server rooms. The application story below explains how Zwipe’s biometric access control solutions handle sensitive data, thereby, ensuring advanced safety at data centers. 

A data center centralizes an organization’s shared IT operations for storing, processing and disseminating data and applications. As data centers host critical information and technology assets, ensuring a strong and reliable security solution is of paramount importance. 

The challenge: Providing strong security

To ensure that trust and credibility of a data center is well maintained, it is critical to control and track all forms of access to it. This means ensuring that only authorized users have access to designated zones. This is essential to reduce the risk of unintentional damages, intentional manipulation, or data leakage of any form.

Here comes the need of providing top-class physical and logical access control solutions to ensure safety of data and operation rooms. Access control systems are of huge significance here as they help data centers track & trace the movements and credentials of authorized users involved. It restricts unauthorized manipulation and terrorist & security attacks of dramatic proportions too.

Owing to high-security requirements, data centers must be extremely conscious of managing their employees' credentials. This includes an end-to-end and seamless tracking system of employees’ permissions to access designated zones. Questions like how long can an employee keep a rack open or when s/he enters and exits the room with racks is important here.

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The solution: Zwipe’sAccess Control

Whether it is a cloud, co-location, or managed service, data centers will always have increased importance worldwide. To help manage security-related pain points outlined above, Zwipe offers its revolutionary biometric access control systems to data centers worldwide. 

When it comes to secure access control solutions, security gaps must be identified and ruled out from the very beginning. Zwipe Access cards seamlessly integrate complex processes into a standard ID card with the help of cutting-edge technology using biometrics.

Zwipe's Biometric Access Card

It can be easily integrated into existing card reader infrastructures of the data centers and end users’ biometric data are securely stored as a unique template only in the card. With this unique capability, Zwipe Access cards also eliminate security gaps caused by borrowed, lost, or stolen cards of employees and visitors of data centers. 

Following are the most important features of Zwipe Access that enable high security for data centers:

  • Biometric-enabled multi-factor authentication
  • Certification to highest standards
  • Data privacy & GDPR compliance support
  • Smooth & fast deployment
  • Logical and physical access control with biometrics


Going forward…

Biometric access control systems are shaping the future of business security across the globe. With its faultless data gathering, identification, and verification capabilities, biometric access control systems are crucial for providing security to countless industries and sectors worldwide.


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